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Oct 16

Thank You

Now the election campaign is over, I would like to thank those voters who took the time to become informed about the candidates and then went out and cast their vote. I’d also like to congratulate the many candidates who were willing to step forward and let their name stand for the ideas and values they believed in.

Obviously, I and my campaign team were disappointed with the outcome; however we do live in a democratic society that respects the wishes of the majority.

I especially want to express my gratitude to those who encouraged and supported me throughout the campaign and voted for me. I would especially like to recognize my dedicated and committed team of volunteers who worked so hard walking the streets delivering brochures, door knocking, installing signs, phoning and delivering our platform message; “Thank You”.

It has been a pleasure to have worked with so many over the past several years as an elected representative and a volunteer in many organizations and now that this election is past, it is time for us to look ahead to a positive future together.

My best wishes to you all.

Warmest regards,
Malcolm Parker

Oct 11, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Mayors forum on Wednesday, October 11th was well attended with a full house at the Arden Theatre to listen to the Mayoral candidates present their platforms and answer several questions concerning traffic issues, economic development, taxes, affordable housing, city inspection recommendations, regional relationships, transit, capital projects and municipal planning commission. The forum can be accessed on the website.

Oct 12, 6:30pm to 9:00pm

The meet and greet trade show included all candidates running for office and an estimated 200 - 300 folks attended the 2.5 hour event. The topics included questions related to the past council dysfunction, tax increase, youth concerns on housing affordability, traffic congestion, qualifications of candidates, DARP, services, library / pool / ice rink ballot questions and the forums. Malcolm's positions on the topics of building a cooperative council team, business cases for capital projects, and his qualifications were very well received.

Sturgeon Medical Centre

When Malcolm was on Council he championed the need for a medical services center to address the physician shortage and to provide related health care services. The past council didn't pursue this project, however over the past four years Malcolm continued his involvement and is pleased to announce there will be an official announcement pertaining to the launch of the Medical Center. Again, evidence he is "results driven" and as Mayor will get things done. Sturgeon Medical Centre Coming Soon

Oct 5 - 14

Advance voting. See for details.

Oct 10 - 13

Advance voting for Senior Complexes. See for details.

Oct 16

Election Day! See for map and voting locations. If you require transportation to your polling station, let me know.

Past Events

Sept 25, 1:30pm

Malcolm will be at the SUN (Seniors United Now) Meet Your Local Candidates event at 1:30pm at Cornerstone Hall - 6 Tache St. [map]
Members of the public welcome, no charge.

Saturday Sept 30, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Malcolm is holding a BBQ with hot dogs and pop! Come join us at the corner of St. Albert Trail and Sturgeon Road by the Log Cabin [map]

Wednesday Oct 4, 11:30am - 2:00pm

Malcolm will be attending the St. Albert Seniors Association Thanksgiving Lunch at Red Willow Place - 7 Tache St. [map]

Friday Oct 6, 9:00am - 11:00am

Come meet Malcolm at The Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club! [map]