2017 Election Platform

Malcolm Parker

Malcolm Parker

I am running for mayor because the past four years has seen a Council that has been dysfunctional, lost its focus to govern and become polarized on the issues. Looking to the future, Council needs to have a clear vision, understand its role to govern, focused on its priorities, accountable and work towards being the destination of choice for families and business. In this election, residents have the opportunity to elect a mayor that will bring ACTUAL CHANGE. I believe I am the candidate of choice for mayor as I have the leadership skills, management expertise, integrity, council experience, community experience, understanding of the issues and a commitment to re-establish our city as the place to live, work and play. Change will make our community stronger and competitive within the capital region because change fosters fresh ideas, new energy, progress and a different perspective for the future.

Please take a few moments to read my platform priorities as I believe they represent what I'm hearing as I travel through the community. And do not hesitate to tell me what you think we need to consider.

Also, I have identified my qualifications and accomplishments as I believe it important for voters to have this knowledge when they cast their vote. Having this information is analogous to applying for employment. An employer advertises for a position and lists the requirements for the job yet when running for public office no such criteria is provided.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about who I am and how I see our community moving forward with your involvement.

On October 16th, I ask for your vote as the CHOICE CANDIDATE for MAYOR and ACTUAL CHANGE.


Build a vibrant, thriving community that is safe, affordable, inclusive, prosperous and friendly, governed responsibly and well maintained so it is the destination of choice for families and business.

Platform Priorities

  1. Leadership: The role of Council is to govern and this means providing direction, setting policy and providing a strategic business plan for Administration. Using my leadership skills with Council members and Administration we will create a unified team environment working together to achieve the goals for the common good of the city.
  2. Relationships: Build an organizational culture with council and staff working together cooperatively in the best interest of its citizens.

    Develop a co-operative working relationship with neighbouring municipalities that achiece results in the best interests of the region.
  3. Fiscal Responsibility: Prudent fiscal management that addresses operating costs and capital growth projects so Council approves budgets that are affordable. With a target in year 3 of no tax increases!
  4. Infrastructure: A priority for any municipality is to develop and maintain its roads, sidewalks, bridges, utilities, parks, trails, river and green spaces that will support the city's vision.
  5. Economic Development: Continue to grow the business economy as a community's prosperity is dependent on its residents having jobs and incomes. Council needs to encourage development of the employment lands as well as recognizing that small businesses are a key economic driver.
  6. Build Community: Continue to focus on initiatives that bring people together such as block parties, festivals, major attractions, special events, arts and culture.
  7. Traffic and Transit: Innovative solutions to reduce traffic congestion and address safety issues as well as reviewing the public transit system to achieve cost benefit efficiencies. Lobby the province to twin Ray Gibbon Drive.
  8. Social Needs: Address increasing needs for affordable housing for our seniors and young people. Address the trend of medical expert shortages to serve the growing and aging needs of the community.
  9. Traffic Enforcement: Review the use of photo radar to determine the optimum approach to safe driving and reduce speeding.
  10. Governance Efficiency: Establish a governance model that simplifies the business planning process so it is organizationally efficient and cost effective. This includes revisiting the Municipal Governance Review, Municipal Development Plan and Municipal Planning Commission, and reducing the frequency of hiring consultants.
  11. City Inspection Report: Review and implement the report recommendations.

Good Conduct Pledge

I, Malcolm Parker, solemnly promise to:
Malcolm with Andrew Sheer

Malcolm with CPC Leader Andrew Sheer at a BBQ - Aug 2017